I like to draw and drink coffee. Currently an Animation Intern at Navera. Studying Character Animation at Academy of Art University.
Saw these guys at Four Barrel when I was having a coffee date with kenimation. I may have squealed a little louder than I wanted to.
Oh well. NO SHAME
Listening to

my disney playlist as I’m animating my shot. I’m in my happy place. ^__^

Some doodles
Starbucks loungers
Sketchy sketch date with kenimation
Filling up these pages! My favorite kind of workout ;)
Alphabunchanonsense Collaborative Art Book


I am so happy and proud to announce that my friends and I have officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for a collaborative book!

It’s an unconventional alphabet book, called Alphabunchanonsense!

Please visit our Kickstarter site, and give anything you can. Everything helps!
Thanks in advance!

Hey everyone, some of my awesome friends are creating a really unique art book. Go check out the Kickstarter and help support these talented people!

Catching up with some sketchbook updates!

jakenickleby replied to your post “jakenickleby replied to your post “jakenickleby replied to your photo…”

At least you know you’re influencing one person already. ☺ The other reason why I followed was your resumé listing you as a WDFM volunteer. I don’t drive, so my membership sadly expired. But if I ever visit, while you’re working, I’d to say “Hi!”

AHHHHHH That would be awesome! I usually volunteer for special events and AYN due to my schedule. But that would be really cool! :) I’m going to try and work for the Haunted Mansion AYN ;)