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I'm an artist. I draw, eat food, and drink coffee. BFA in Character Animation. San Francisco.
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  • I’m sorry for the temporary hiatus. I’m working on some stuff that I can’t talk about or post yet, but I’m also working on a 2D animation piece featuring this cute little one. I did this sketch of her in my friend’s animation book and I also have some sketches from the past few weeks that I will include in an art dump soon!

    So this past Wednesday was caricature day in my Traditional Animation 4 class for us to kind of wind down before the home stretch of the semester. I love doing these in this class, but this time we were given a particular style that we had to draw like. I happen to get Chibi. I don’t draw like this anymore, I used to back in elementary and middle school. It was a little strange to draw in this style again and interesting to see how far I came and how much my style has changed over the years of drawing. It was a fun challenge nevertheless!

    heres the past caricature sessions with some of the same folk!
    Spring 2013

    Fall 2013

    Some random sketches from the past week. Sorry for the lack of inconsistent posts, I’ve been animating like crazy and it’s not over yet. In the mean time enjoy Jem and a Chinese piggy :)

    The surge of new followers was overwhelming, thanks to my Elsa process gif being on tumblr radar, but in a good way!  Here’s a big thank you for all of the new people who are following my art.

    I was testing out some new markers and pens, soooooooo I’m just gonna leave these drawings here….OKAY BAI

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