Hey everyone! I’m opening up for commissions during the summer! All the prices are pretty straight forward.

will not draw:

  • anything obscene or something I personally find uncomfortable. Pretty self explanatory.


What I can draw:

  • people (this may either yourself, a friend, family, celebrity, or even your OC!)
  • animals! I love drawing them :)
  • I can also do existing characters (fanart) if that’s more of your cup of tea.
  • I’m also okay with some nudity (deem that I see appropriate and that its tasteful in the manner).

I’m also available to do more illustrative pieces a the full background if that’s something you’re wanting, please contact me about this so we discuss further of what you want, set a price, and arrange payment for that :) 

I will accept payment* up front first to secure your spot. You’re allowed up to 1 revision (which is included), more revisions after the first will have an additional 10% surcharge.

Send orders to crystaldawn.art@gmail.com with the subject line reading SUMMER COMMISSION. Be sure in the email to please include the following:

  • what type of commission you want
  • if its one character or more.
  • if there is a drawing I did that you liked the style of please let know.
  • be as descriptive and detailed as you can for what you want in the piece
  • If you have a tumblr username, please include it so I can queue orders easier!
  • and dont be shy about including references for anything specific. 

After you are happy with your piece I will send a hi-res, print ready version for you to use for personal use only.

Reblogs will help spread the word! thank you all so much! (*^▽^*)

*all payment are through PayPal only

crankypie: Which would you recommend for digital character art like yours: Photoshop or Illustrator?

Hi crankypie! Between the two, I would pick photoshop. But that’s just because I use it more and I’m just more comfortable with the tools. I’ve gotten a good work flow going in that program. I haven’t really used much of illustrator, which is more for vector based stuff, graphic design, etc. I’ve also used Corel Painter as well, but that can tend to get a little buggy and slow at times.

soccergrl96 replied to your photo“did a quick doodle of my outfit of the day! also trying out some more…”
That’s amazing. Wish I had that artsy skill
Thank you so much for your kind words! Years of practice, but my learning doesn’t stop there. I’m constantly learning something new every day the more I draw :)
jakenickleby replied to your photo“Felt like drawing a girl in a pretty dress.”
I love this design! This style somehow brings me back to when I was about 4 or 5, watching “The Little Mermaid” and other Disney movies. Artwork like this is what I would pay for to see in films.
Thank you for your kind words! I hope to contribute to the world of animation and inspire movie goers like they have done for me as a kid :)